Bill Maher at Sarofim Hall

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Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center | Houston, Texas

Bill Maher

Did you ever think something really bad about a stranger in public? A thought that surprised you because your mom didn’t raise you to think that way? That’s okay, we all have, and comedians capitalize on it. It’s easy not to feel like a terrible person when the comedian bares it all onstage and throws their worst thoughts out into the world. If they can make a joke about the most downtrodden things in the world, and still be thought of as a good person and show their humanity, your mean comment to your roommate won’t feel as catastrophic, trust us.

Yes, it’s always a treat to catch a comedian live. Comedians like all other artists work hard to find content that makes you laugh, and it’s always a proud moment for the comedian to see people coming to their shows to watch them perform. They have to think out of the box for each and every punch line you laugh at. Comedians struggle hard to get to at a point where they are sponsored for their shows. So, you should always go and experience comedy live every time you can. And what better time than at the fan favorite Sarofim Hall in Houston?!

Bill Maher at Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center

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