For the safety and comfort of you and people around you, visitors to the Sarofim Hall are asked to adhere to the following rules and regulations whilst performances are in progress. Doing so will ensure in the best possible experience for everyone.

1. Stay In Your Assigned Seats

Please stick to your allocated seats as reserved online to avoid confusion. Seats are clearly labelled, and stewards are on hand to assist you to the correct location should you need it.

During the performance visitors are asked to stay seated. If it is essential for you to leave, please do so as quietly as possibly so as to minimise the disturbance to others.

2. No Photography

Bright lights and flashes can distract the performers and disrupt the viewing experience for the audience.

3. No Use Of Mobile Phones

Please make sure your mobile phones and other electronic devices are turned off or put on silent throughout. We also ask you to refrain from using them during the performance.