Hamilton at Sarofim Hall

Hamilton Tickets

Sarofim Hall | Houston, Texas

OMG have you heard your favourite musical is back on the road for spring, 2022!? The legendary musical that has wowed audiences the world over, is getting 5 star reviews all round! To make the whole thing even more exceptional Hamilton is actually showing in the magnificent Sarofim Hall at The Hobby Center, Houston, Texas, thats wonderful right? So put Thursday 3rd March 2022 in the planner and why not grab a few tickets for your friends! March is going to be LIT! It couldn't be easier, just click 'buy' this moment! Don't miss this opportunity!

What are your favourite elements of a musical? Singing, dancing and acting? Is it the way you feel when you visit or when you leave? Or is it a specific actor you love? Whatever you love there is always one fact…you'll be singing along to the hits all night, leaving in the highest spirits and an ear to ear grin! Hamilton coming back to the stage for spring, 2022 Will do all of those things! What an exciting prospect! Are you were wondering where Hamilton is going to be showing? You guessed it the outstanding Sarofim Hall at The Hobby Center, Houston, Texas. Visitors of the venue LOVE it! They say its the greatest one in Houston! Remember to save the date Hamilton! Fans are rushing to purchase tickets! To get yours, just scroll up and click buy, this instant! The sooner the better!

Hamilton at Sarofim Hall at The Hobby Center

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