On Your Feet at Sarofim Hall

On Your Feet Tickets

Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center | Houston, Texas

On Your Feet

Fans of premium entertainment are excited to hear that On Your Feet is returning to Houston to play at the Sarofim Hall on Sunday 4th February 2024. So put a big X on your calendars and secure your Sunday schedule, because this is the production you won't want to miss in 2024. Fans and everyone alike are waiting to drop by the favorite performing arts theater in Houston to experience this production live. With comfortable seating, a phenomenal atmosphere, and nearby parking, you are guaranteed to have a unforgettable time from the opening scene to the curtains down. So why wait for your tickets - because this show has sold out across Texas and the country. Book yourself a spot, because there is no better act to see this February!

Hang on just one cotton picking minuet for the greatest Sunday evening youll ever have, in the legendary Sarofim Hall, Texas, Houston this February! It's almost impossible to imagine a winter without the unsurpassed On Your Feet in theatres and guess what? , its BACK on the road again for winter, 2024, thrilling audiences throughout the country! Fanatics cant wait to see the memorable hits, the playful themes and the wild energy from the crowd, hanging on every word, its an all round hoot! GET TICKETS FOR THE KIDS TODAY, this is the show of all shows! Held at the unsurpassed, Sarofim Hall, Texas, Houston on Sunday 4th February 2024! Industry leaders think this will sell out as usual, do not procrastinate for a second longer! Can you find the 'get tickets' icon? Well, press it right away! This is a MUST see!

On Your Feet at Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center

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