Funny Girl at Sarofim Hall at The Hobby Center

funny girl at sarofim hallFunny Girl is a pop culture mainstay. A classic movie and musical, it is a love letter to the American icons that trailblazed Hollywood during the 20th century. It is loved for its timeless, inspiring story combined with comedy and jazzy musical numbers. As a celebrated icon, it deservingly has a spot among movie and theatre musicals and is seen as a masterpiece. The stage adaptation is as electric as the famous film. In a way, it revitalizes the razzle-dazzle of the movie and adds a modern spin. No one will ever rain on your parade as Funny Girl boards at the Sarofim Hall in the prestigious Hobby Center. Mark your calendars this coming August. Do not miss this showcase, and you will certainly feel like “life’s candy and the sun’s a ball of butter!”

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Before Funny Girl became a Hollywood classic, it started as a Broadway gem. The original production was created by Jule Styne, Bob Merrill, and Isobel Lennart. In this musical, they adapted the story of Fanny Brice, an American actress, singer, and comedian who fell in love with businessman Nicky Arnstein. It covers their interesting relationship, which sprouted when he saw her perform. Starring in the original was Barbra Streisand, who at that time was a budding young theatre actress. She was grabbing attention for her strong voice and command when it came to acting. Her portrayal of Fanny Brice brought her career to stardom.

The Broadway run was so successful that it prompted Isobel Lennart to bring the story to Hollywood. Four years later, Funny Girl became a major motion picture. Barbra Streisand reprised her role, and from being a Broadway star, she became a full-fledged actress. The movie was a box office hit and broke records when it became the highest-grossing film when it came out. It received 56 million at the box office.

Tweaking the story to fit the audience’s preferences during the 60s, it revolves around the rise of Fanny Brice. Starting her career as a vaudevillian, she was known for her comedic performances. Her wit led to her receiving attention. As this sudden change in her life happens, she wrestles her way through experiences of highs and lows to discover herself.

The musical opens with a young Fanny. Growing up in the city of New York, she was exposed to performing arts and, from there, sprouted a dream to become a star. However, despite her immense potential, she did not receive support for this endeavor. Her family was unsupportive, but her dreams eclipsed the pressure she felt. To start her career, she applied for a revue production called Ziegfeld Follies. Luck was on her side when she got accepted and her vaudevillian life began.

As she became a sought-after performer, she met Nick Arnstein. A professional gambler, Nick had an irresistible charm. Despite this, the two had a love-hate relationship, which led to a strong bond. They then married, and a happy ever after seemed to follow.

The honeymoon phase did not last long, however. Nick became a gambling addict, and this led to unavoidable financial problems. Fanny, living in sorrow, decided to leave him. The divorce was helpful to her and her career sky-rocketed. She then became a Hollywood star.

As she became an actress, a budding love also came. She met with Eddie Ryan, a young actor with whom she worked with. As she fell for him, Nick was released from prison and tried to reconnect with Fanny. This led to a conflict that Fanny had to wrestle her way through.

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“What transcends it all is the presence of a Fanny who can deliver the musical, emotional and comedic goods — and with a backstage story to boot.” – Variety

The highlight of this musical is the impeccable music. It gives a powerful atmosphere to a story filled with love, loss, and redemption. “I’m the Greatest Star,” “His Love Makes Me Beautiful,” “I Want to Be Seen with You Tonight,” “You Are Woman,” and “The Music That Makes Me Dance” are all mood setters. Then there are songs like “People” and “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” which are highlights and memorable songs of the musical.

Funny Girl originally opened at the Winter Garden Theatre in 1964. The run was extremely successful, attaining more than a thousand performances. When the Tony Awards came that year, it snatched eight award nominations, such as the Best Musical award. The success propelled Barbra Streisand to stardom. Her career paralleled that of Fanny. After her Broadway stint, she became a Hollywood star, winning the coveted Best Actress award in 1969 at the Academy Awards. She then reprised the role for the sequel Funny Lady.

Soon after, the musical reached the West End. The Prince of Wales Theatre hosted the production. Streisand, the one and only Fanny Brice, reprised her role.

Decades later, Funny Girl came back to Broadway. In 2022, the musical came back to refresh its grip on pop culture. Leah Mitchell (famous for her stint on the TV series Glee) became the new Fanny. The revival came with many changes to the story and music.

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Other productions also popped out in many countries. An Australian production run in 1966. This was after the US national tour commenced in 1965, which had a revival in 1995. In recent years, a Paris production opened in 2019, and a third US national tour in 2023.

Right after a successful 2023 run, the tour will reach more theatres this year. The Sarofim Hall at the Hobby Center is among their stops. Funny Girl will bring the glitz and glam on August 20 to 25. Bringing the tale back to life is a magnificent cast. Katerina McCrimmon will leave you in awe as Fanny Brice. She will be accompanied by Barbara Tirrell as Mrs. Brice, Stephen Mark Lukas Nick Arnstein, Izaiah Montaque Harris as Eddie Ryan, Walter Coppage as Florenz Ziegfeld, Leah Platt as Emma, and Mrs. Nadler, Christine Bunuan as Mrs. Meeker, Eileen T’Kaye as Mrs. Strakosh, and David Foley Jr. As Tom Keeney. With such a promising cast, the show will not disappoint. Tickets for this musical extravaganza are now sold. You can secure yours here by hitting the “Get Tickets” link.