Les Miserables at Sarofim Hall

Les Miserables at Sarofim HallDive in on a journey of tragedy and enlightenment as the great musical show Les Miserables gets back on the stages again in Houston on January 23 to 28 at Sarofim Hall – The Hobby Center, Houston, Texas. The all-time classic will be heading its way to the stages again as the studded cast led by Nick Cartell (Jean Valjean) will be delivering the great story again on the live stages. With a new production spearheaded by Cameron Mackintosh, Les Miserables will tell a heart-touching story crafted by Victor Hugo that lies on the life of the protagonist Jean Valjean after being released from prison. Known for its great musical score including the tracks  I Dreamed a Dream, One Day More, and Do You Hear People Sing, this award-winning classic will have its way as the Texas streets transform into the 19th century Paris for eight nights of love, justice, and sacrifice ready to be told.  Set your tickets now! 

Les Miserables Tickets

“A reborn dream of production” – Daily Telegraph

“Intense emotions bolster epic productions” – Chicago Sun Times

Les Miserables tickets

How far can you go for love, justice, and redemption? Bide in for this scenic melancholy as the classic musical masterpiece Les Miserables gets on the theaters again as it arrives once again on North American stages, giving 8 live shows from January 23 to 28 at Sarofim Hall – The Hobby Center, Houston, Texas. Brace yourselves on this lifetime experience as the premiere cast, and creatives joined forces for an exceptional depiction of the greatest story ever told turned into a musical. 

The masterpiece of Victor Hugo will be transformed into a 2-hour 30-minute musical show as the new Les Miserables production led by Cameron Mackintosh brings 19th-century France to life with his spectacular creatives. As the story weaves an indulging narrative of love, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of freedom, Les Miserables will untangle its emotions to be best with the accompaniment of the best musicians on the planet, bringing the greatest Les Miserables tracks, including I Dreamed a Dream, One Day More, and Do You Hear People Sing that the audience will surely feel. 

“A living/breathing piece of art” – Texas Lifestyle Magazine

“Les Miserables is revolutionary” – New York Post

Get ready to be tangled on the journey of prisoner 24601 as he fights for his life in 19th-century France after the revolutionary era. Jean Valjean, the main protagonist of the story, is jailed for nineteen years for stealing a loaf of bread for his starving family. When his demise in prison comes to an end, other obstacles are waiting for him outside the jail as his past keeps haunting him. With the help of a Bishop in Digne, Myriel, Jean Valjean, got out of the slump temporarily as he became a successful man even if no one tried to help him when he got out of prison except for one. The times are rapidly changing with the pursuit of Inspector Javert, who is a prison guard in the jail where Jean Valjean went. This starts the feud between the two as they bring the opposite ideologies into the world: justice and redemption. In this pursuit, Jean Valjean met the characters that would change the storyline, as the loving mother Fantine and the revolutionary Marius get tangled in Jean Valjean’s ill-fated life. Witness how the life of these characters intertwines for a live experience of a timeless tale of justice, redemption, and revolution as Les Miserables gets you all of that emotion in one sitting. 

Les Miserables hobby center


The North American shows of Les Miserables will be heading to Houston, Texas, as it runs eight shows, enough for you to grab one on hold. Having its phenomenal actors and actresses, including Nick Cartell as Jean Valjean, Preston Truman Boyd as Javert, Haley Dortch as Fantine, and Jake David Smith as Marius, a star-studded cast will also be present as the best musical show in history unravels in Sarofim Hall. The following are the cast that will be on tour in The Hobby Center:

  • Matt Crowle as Thenardier
  • Victoria Huston-Elem as Madame Thenardier
  • Devin Archer as Enjolras 
  • Phoenix Best as Eponine
  • Delaney Guyer as Cosette
  • Sky Vaux Fuller as Little Cosette/Young Eponine
  • Olivia Grace O’Sullivan as Little Cosette/Young Eponine
  • Henry Kirk as Gavroche
  • Milo Maharlika as Gavroche
  • Kyle Adams as Grantaire
  • John Ambrosino as Bamatabois/Babet
  • Daniel Gerard Bittner as Feuilly
  • Randy Jetter as Bishop of Digne/Lesgles
  • Kyle Adams as Grantaire
  • Steve Czarnecki as Factory Foreman/Brujon
  • Kelsey Denae as Wigmaker
  • David Young Fernandez as Prouvaire
  • Cameron Loyal as Claquesous
  • Andre Marks Maughan and Tim Quartier as Combeferre
  • Julai Ellen Richardson as Factory Girl
  • Ethan Rogers as Courfeyrac
  • Christopher James Tamayo as Montparnasse
  • J.T. Wood as Joly

Also, the ensemble cast includes  Jenna Burns, Julia Cardia, Adrianne Dicerbo, Genevieve Ellis, Mya Rena Hunter, Eden Mau, Greta Schaefer, and Veronica Stern. The swings will also be on the strings consisting of Kyle Timson (also the dance captain), Ben Charington, Michelle Beth Herman, Nicole Morris, Ashley Dawn Morteinstein, Matt Rosell, and Christopher Robin Sapp.


What is a musical show without the people working behind the curtains with a new production led by Cameron Mackintosh. Using the concept, book, and original French lyrics from Alain Boublil, book and music by Claude-Michel Schönberg, Herbert Kretzmer as Lyricist, and directors James Powell and Laurence Connor, Les Miserables is exceptional on and off the stage with this pool of creatives including:

  • Matt Kinley as Set & Image Designer
  • Paul Constable as Lighting Designer
  • Mick Potter as Sound Designer
  • Adreane Neofitou as Original Costume Designer
  • Christine Rowland and Paul Willis as Costume Designer
  • Geoffrey Garratt for Musical Staging
  • Michael Ashcroft for Additional Musical Staging
  • 59 Productions and Finn Ross for Projection Realization
  • Stephen Brooker as Musical Supervisor & Orchestrations
  • John Cameron, Stephen Metcalfe, and Christopher Jahnke for Orchestrations
  • Trevor Nunn and John Caird for Adaptation
  • Jean-Marc Natel for Original French Text
  • James Fenton for Additional Material
  • David Harris and Christine Peters as Associate Set Designer 
  • Nic Gray as Associate Sound Designer
  • Simon Harding as Associate Projection Designer
  • Ben Jacobs and Karen Spahn as Associate Lighting Designer
  • Stefan Musch as Wigs, Hair & Make-up Designer
  • John Miller as Musical Coordinator
  • Leigh Zimmerman as Intimacy Director
  • Felicia Rudolp, Merri Sugarman, and Tara Run Casting for Casting
  • Bond Theatrical Group for Exclusive Tour Booking, Press, & Marketing
  • Gregory Vander Ploeg for General Management
  • Corey Agnew as Associate Director
  • James Moore as Musical Supervisor
  • Jesse Robb as Musical Staging Associate
  • Richard Barth as Resident Director
  • Brian Eads as Musical Director
  • Seth Sklar-Heyn, Trinity Wheeler and Networks Presentations as Executive Producer
  • Chris Danner as Company Manager
  • Elle Aghabala as Associate Company Manager
  • Ryan W. Garder as Production Stage Manager
  • Claire Farrokh as Stage Manager
  • Hollis Duggans-Queens as Assistant Stage Manager

“The key to assembling a creative team is understanding how great the original was and that each new generation of director brings something new to the production. You change it because you’ve got an idea that works better”, Les Miserables producer Cameron Mackintosh said. 

“One of the greatest musicals ever created” – Chicago Tribune

“Dazzling staging and megawatt performances” – The Times

Les Miserables was written in 1862 by the great Victor Hugo, inspired by the June Rebellion of 1832, which tackles the power struggles and prejudice in 19th-century France. As the novel becomes a hit, several adaptations are created, including series and television, as well as the theater. Les Miserables had its premiere musical show in 1980 as Les Miserables: the Musical arrived in our existence. By 1985, it had its first English version premiered in the West End, which totally solidified its grasp as one of the best musical shows of the century. Les Miserables garnered a whooping 8 Tony Awards in 1987, including the Best Musical of the Broadway season, Best Music, and Best Score. From that, Les Miserables became a phenomenon, performed in up to 53 countries and 22 languages, and was seen by over 130 million fans. Up until now, Les Miserables is still hot and sizzling as fans still wait for every showing of this spectacular musical masterpiece. 

Les Miserables will be hosting 8 shows in Sarofim Hall – The Hobby Center in Houston, Texas between January 23 to 28. Let the wind of emotions and upbringing feel our skin as the heartwarming story of Jean Valjean is planted in our feelings. Secure your tickets now!