The Lion King at Sarofim Hall at The Hobby Center

lion king at sarofim hallIt’s all about Simba, the savannah, and symbols of strength, power, and courage! From July 11th to August 4th, Disney’s The Lion King, Broadway’s third longest-running show, leaps to the Sarofim Hall as part of another North American Tour. With six Tony awards, this Best Musical follows the story of a young lion who must overcome betrayal and self-doubt to reclaim his rightful place as king and restore balance to their kingdom. Much like the animated film, The Lion King also features a renowned score crafted by award-winning artists Elton John and Tim Rice. Prime yourself as the Pride Lands will spring to life before your very eyes at The Hobby Center stage, home to the theater under the stars and major Broadway tours! Just as Simba embraced his destiny in the Circle of Life, we invite you to take your place in the circle of our audience – purchase your tickets today!

The Lion King Tickets:

“Theater to roar for. From the very first minutes of The Lion King, you feel yourself on a whole new ground, no, in a whole new world.” – USA Today


“A new generation of cats just took over Broadway.” – Variety

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Hakuna Matata, Texas! Disney’s The Lion King is scheduled for a blazing four-week run at the Sarofim Hall – Hobby Center in Houston. The visually outstanding musical production, now in its 21st year, continues to tour North America, where it has performed in more than ninety cities.

Similar to the animated picture released in the early 90s, the plot of the Broadway adaptation follows the young lion prince Simba, who is in line to become king of the Pride Lands. Everything seems to fall apart once his evil uncle Scar begins to hatch a plan to assassinate their family and seize the throne. To achieve this villainous goal, Scar urges the lion cub to flee rather than accept responsibility for the loss of Mufasa, Simba’s father, who was killed in a stampede. Together with his friends Timon and Pumbaa, Simba grows up in exile, where the three of them live in the jungle and eventually forget their past. 

When Simba reunites with his childhood companion Nala, she reveals the harsh rule of Scar over the kingdom’s animals. Encouraged by the wise counsel of his friend Rafiki, Simba contemplates a return to the Pride Lands to challenge Scar’s tyranny. Can Simba and his allies dethrone Scar and reclaim his rightful throne as king? Audiences will have to watch the production to find out how the story unfolds! Keep in mind that the show will run for approximately two hours and forty minutes with a single fifteen-minute intermission.

“The breathtakingly staged Broadway adaptation of Disney’s King of the Cartoon Jungle is an instant theater classic.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Awe-inspiring! Broadway theater is alive again.” – Time Magazine

“A jaw-dropping magnificent spectacle.” – Newsday

To date, The Lion King Musical has garnered over seventy international theatrical awards including the prestigious Tony Award for Best Musical, a coveted Grammy for Best Musical Show Album, and the Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical. Remarkably, the production has also been distinguished with Laurence Olivier Awards for Outstanding Choreography and Costume Design, along with the Evening Standard Award for Theatrical Event of the Year, among a multitude of other distinguished recognitions.

The officially announced cast for the New Orleans show stars Darian Sanders as Simba, Gerald Ramsey as Mufasa, Peter Hargrave as Scar, Nick Cordileone as Timon, John E. Brady as Pumbaa, Nick LaMedica as Zazu, Khalifa White as Nala, Forest VanDyke as Banzai, Martina Sykes as Shenzi, Gugwana Dlamini as Rafiki, and Robbie Swift as Ed. Additionally, Jackson Hayes and Mason Lawson will be alternating as Young Simba, while Jaxyn Damasco and Aniya Simone will be alternating as Young Nala.

“A perfect marriage of entertainment and art.” – New York Daily News

“A feast for the eyes and ears.” – WWOR-TV

“The most exciting, most inventive, most moving theater that has ever come to Broadway.” – Newsweek

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Explore the list of the Broadway show’s star-studded creatives right here:


  • Music by Elton John 
  • Lyrics by Tim Rice
  • Book by Roger Allers & Irene Mecchi 
  • Direction, Costume Design, and Mask/Puppet Co-Design by Julie Taymor
  • Choreography by Garth Fagan
  • Additional Music & Lyrics, Vocal Score, and Choral Direction by Lebo M.

Michael Curry has been the mask and puppet co-designer for The Lion King since its launch in 1997. A recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment reveals how important puppetry and costume design is in telling the beloved tale today. Curry shares that the characters from the animated feature were so convincing since it’s essentially a human story told through animals. “With the Lion King, it was a tribute to the human story, an homage to the great acting and singing to be able to convince you of the humanity of their story. So we were very careful – if we could have done it without any masks or puppets, we would have done it, but these characters needed to have great dignity.”

Watching The Lion King Musical with your family at the Sarofim Hall will be the best decision you’ve made all year! Located in Houston, this venue is known by many as the home of major Broadway productions that tour the area of Texas. With a theater that provides guests with a fantastic view under the stars, there’s nowhere else to catch this award-winning live musical. So, spice up your plans and grab your passes by clicking the “Get Tickets” link now!

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