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Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center | Houston, Texas

Houston Symphony

It’s time for a crescendo of delight with the unrivaled orchestra in the country. The award-winning melodies of Houston Symphony: The Music of Rolling Stones will reverberate in every direction of the excellent Sarofim Hall at Friday 28th June 2024. Their laurels speak for themselves - awards stacking their shelves and standing ovations filling the room. But believe us when we say that seeing their production is another level entirely! Many masterpieces and modern renditions will be skillfully played on this highly-anticipated summer evening, conducted by the very best musicians who have ever treaded this nation.

Everyone is invited to see them LIVE at the Houston Sarofim Hall for a graceful evening magnified by the beauty of the most extensive stage in the region. With its opulent backdrop and pristine acoustics, this Houston spot truly is the ideal stage for this concerts event. Don’t forget to lock in your seats immediately by pressing the “Get Tickets” prompt above! We’ll see you there!

This coming Friday 28th June 2024, the Houston Symphony: The Music of Rolling Stones will orchestrate a majestic evening at the second to none Sarofim Hall! Experts are stating that their newest season is shaping up to be one of the premium live events for 2024, so it would be a waste to miss their upcoming production.

Ease into the moment with some of the most gifted musicians in the country! These members on stage aren't simply players behind instruments; they're creative tale-weavers. Additionally, this event will showcase a program curated by the symphony’s acclaimed resident conductor, who will spearhead the top orchestra in Texas.

What’s more, this note-worthy event also offers something for different types of guests! For well-versed listeners, it's a chance to witness the masterful interpretation of iconic compositions. For the inquisitive newcomers, it's a gateway to a world of sonic adventure. And if that hasn’t drawn your attention, the rich planned program will possibly explore beyond classical fare, infusing touches of chamber music, folk ballet, or even film scores.

Renowned critics worldwide are yielding to the allure of Houston Symphony: The Music of Rolling Stones! The energy is undeniable, and the glowing reviews are pouring in!

“From the first note, the Houston Symphony: The Music of Rolling Stones instantly transported me to a musical haven. The ensemble’s technical brilliance, coupled with palpable passion, was intoxicating. Furthermore, the conductor's engaging personality also added a delightful layer, making this a recommendable live event for all ages!”

As the curtain rises on your next symphonic experience, let the magnificence of Sarofim Hall amaze you beyond your fantasies. More than just a typical entertainment spot, this location becomes a crucial part of the symphony itself, wrapped in warm illumination, their instruments echoing within walls engineered for superior acoustics. Gone are the concerns of unwanted noise, replaced by an ambiance dedicated entirely to the music's radiance.

Unearth the perfect tonic for your musical spirit and reserve your seats to Houston Symphony: The Music of Rolling Stones LIVE on Friday 28th June 2024 at the earliest opportunity!

Houston Symphony at Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center

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