Kcon at Sarofim Hall

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Sarofim Hall | Houston, Texas

We just do not know what would be anymore exciting in August than watching the unforgettable Kcon this summer, 2022….its likely to be the unrivalled event of your year, you certainly will not regret it! Kcon will be stopping in Texas, Houston, for a Saturday in Sarofim Hall – the best place for this type of event. If you still need tickets for Saturday 27th August 2022 then this is the place to be, we have your back….just follow the little 'get tickets' icon, quickly before they've all been snapped up, now is your opportunity!

Kcon at Sarofim Hall at The Hobby Center

Have you been informed of Kcon coming along to the breathtaking Sarofim Hall, Texas, Houston in summer, 2022? This is a if you really do love other and we know you'll agree Kcon is deserving of all the publicity! You will have seen the endless ads, you can witness live on Saturday 27th August 2022! Sarofim Hall is going to hold the event this August….you'll experience an outstanding atmosphere and the most attentive staff. Sarofim Hall lives up to its name and has returning customers time and again. If you are suited to this leading Saturday night of the near future we can point you in the right direction! ENTRY can be purchased from this page with ALL DATES AVAILABLE FROM TODAY….all you need to do is look for the small 'get tickets' button on this page! Saturday 27th August 2022 will be a tremendous day!

Kcon at Sarofim Hall at The Hobby Center

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