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Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center | Houston, Texas

Les Miserables

When was the last time you saw a live theater show? In recent times, we would imagine it’s been a while, so why not come to the phenomenal Sarofim Hall as they are honored to host the world famous Les Miserables on Saturday 27th January 2024 in Houston, Texas! This performance will delight fans of both live musicals and the show itself! It will simply be an event that will be timeless and unforgettable. Critics are already calling Les Miserables “stunning” and “sensational”, with some even saying that this is the greatest show Broadway has ever seen! So if you adore theater, you can’t afford to miss out on the show. To book your tickets while supplies last, click the Buy Tickets button below.

The illustrious Les Miserables is visiting to the Sarofim Hall, Houston Texas on Saturday 27th January 2024 for an evening that will resound throughout the entire of Houston and your body, leaving you with an unforgettable evening that will stay with you forever. Do not lose out on your invitation to experience the breathtaking performance as the cast bring to life the tale of Jean Valjean trying to survive and thrive in a revolutionary Paris in the 19th century. Tickets are available now, so book your places by clicking the Buy Tickets button below before they are all sold out. The melodies of Les Miserables have become timeless and renowned, with hits such as I Dreamed a Dream, Do You Hear the People and Bring Him Home, portraying the full range of human emotions that affect everyone. The show will also be beautifully presented by the Sarofim Hall with its clean sightlines, clear acoustics, expertly crafted lighting and sets. Along with the detailed costumes and soulful performances, Les Miserables is a musical that will change your Saturday, no the rest of your 2024. So, make sure you book your tickets without delay to secure your seats for the theatre of 2024 - Les Miserables at the Sarofim Hall, Houston Texas on Saturday 27th January 2024.

Les Miserables at Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center

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