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Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center | Houston, Texas

The Lion King

The time has come to get your tickets! THE LION KING is finally back for summer, 2024 and fans everywhere are thrilled! Take the day off for the most exciting night in July, book a surprise for the whole family! THE LION KING will be hosted by the astounding and iconic Sarofim Hall, Houston, Texas, said to be the premier venue in the state for high profile performances. Put Friday 12th July 2024 down in the planner and secure your tickets this instant, they'll be gone in a flash! Simply click 'get tickets', you wont regret it!

There is no doubt whatsoever why The Lion King remains the most-watched musicals. This year, the show is anticipated to retain its status as one of the must-see live entertainment! As it takes over the splendid Sarofim Hall this summer, fans are given multiple dates to watch the acclaimed epic! Whether you’ve seen the Lion King several times in the past or you're witnessing its beauty for the first time, you’re promised to have a fantastic experience seeing one of the world’s finest musicals thanks to Sarofim Hall’s state-of-the-art accommodations and top-tier sound and light technology.

The show itself is a completely different dimension of breathtaking. Now running for over two decades, The Lion King remains unprecedented in terms of scenic design, music, costume, and overall presentation. With six Tony Awards and eight Drama Desk Awards under its belt, there is no doubt that the Lion King’s showing at the Sarofim Hall this July will be brimming.

Variety’s 10/10 rating for The Lion King’s Broadway production says it all. “A new generation of cats just took over Broadway. Easily said, Julie Taymor's staging of Disney's "The Lion King" is a masterpiece, a theatrical achievement unmatched in its beauty, brains, and inventiveness. Jumping far beyond its celluloid inspiration, the stage version builds upon nearly every aspect of the hit 1994 animated movie, from eye-catching artistry and storytelling to Lebo M's score and the newly Africanized pop songs of Elton John and Tim Rice.”

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly appropriately called this musical “King of the Hill.” The critique also ensures that no matter what version of the musical you experience – be it Broadway or touring – the show absolutely deserves to be cherished and enjoyed, “Amazing vision overrides any quibbles. The Lion King can make you fall in love with theater, no matter what theater it's in.”

Lastly, the New York Times was fast to mention the musical’s “breathtaking beauty and scenic ingenuity.” The reviewer noted, “Certainly, nowhere before on Broadway has a stampede of wildebeests or a herd of veldt-skimming gazelles been rendered with such eye-popping conviction. But in many ways, Ms. Taymor's vision, which is largely rooted in ritual forms of theater from Asia and Africa, collides with that of Disney, where visual spectacle is harnessed in the service of heartwarming storytelling.”

With an almost perfect rating on Broadway World, the Lion King is certainly a preferred among Broadway critics. So, it would be outrageous if you missed The Lion King musical at the Sarofim Hall this summer! So be sure to catch the show on Friday 12th July 2024 as it electrifies the stage with its acclaimed production! Buy your tickets now by clicking on the Buy Tickets link!

The Lion King at Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center

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