Waitress [CANCELLED] at Sarofim Hall

Waitress [CANCELLED] Tickets

Sarofim Hall | Houston, Texas

EVENT CANCELLED. Please contact your ticket point of purchase to claim a refund on your tickets.

Never before this year has there been a better time to come out to Houston, Texas than on Wednesday 29th March 2023 when the stunning Sarofim Hall hosts Waitress [CANCELLED] to their stage. This company is bringing their own blend of heartwarming storytelling and unparalleled talent for this limited-time appearance that you won’t want to miss. Audiences are already lining up to get their tickets to see the show, and critics are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see what they predict will be one of the greatest performances of 2023. So, if you are searching for an incredible way to spend your Wednesday night, then make sure that you book your tickets to catch Waitress [CANCELLED] live on Wednesday 29th March 2023 at the Sarofim Hall.

Waitress [CANCELLED] at Sarofim Hall at The Hobby Center

Theatre reminds us that we are not alone! Not only are we sharing an experience with the talented performers who are on stage, we are co-creating the experience with fellow audience members in attendance. Movies and television are fun, but by no means are they similar. They don’t have the same intimacy or sense of participation that theater-goers cherish! Sharing an experience with live actors and live audience members is not only valuable, it’s necessary for human connection. By following a story directly on stage, and seeing the story unfold with real-life expressions, you get a truly enriching experience. And when shows are delivered with the excellence Sarofim Hall offers, you’re sure to be blown away. So why not come down and see one of their breathtaking upcoming shows, such as Waitress [CANCELLED] on Wednesday 29th March 2023.

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